Hierarchy Pyramid

First Things First

May this serve as a constant reminder.

To create better videos, invest in the first things first.

Let's break it down...

Hierarchy of Video Production - Skills


A tool is only as good as the hands that wield it.

Above everything else, invest in yourself and others.

Never stop learning. Never stop teaching.

With over 23 years of production experience, I'm still learning and honing my skills every day. You're never too good or too old to better yourself and others.

This is difficult. It requires intentionality and patience, but it ultimately reaps the greatest rewards.

Hierarchy of Video Production - Content


Content is a sum of many parts including, but not limited to: script, talent, props, wardrobe, location, environment, movement, pacing, colors, and mood.

Content doesn't require fancy equipment to be compelling.

And fancy gear rarely, if ever, makes poor content better.

Hierarchy of Video Production - Audio


Our ears are less forgiving than our eyes.

Audio can make or break a video quicker than all other technical aspects.

Listen before you look.

Hierarchy of Video Production - Lighting


Cameras still love light and can only work with the light they're given.

Give them as much quality light as possible.

Hierarchy of Video Production - Lens


Give credit where credit is due...

The lens is the better half of a camera setup.

The wrong glass in front of the right camera can make it all wrong.

Give more attention to the glass than to the camera body.

Hierarchy of Video Production - Camera


When everything above is done well, camera selection becomes less daunting.

Unreasonable expectations are no longer being placed on the camera to make up for weaknesses in front of it.

A camera cannot work magic.

However, it can look magical when everything gets the attention it deserves.

Hierarchy of Video Production


Congratulations, the critical work is done!

Everything else is in the details.

Now it's time to create great video, then evaluate and learn how to make it better next time.

Go make something incredible. 🫵 You got this!

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